Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oct 6 Fri ~ Sekiya Sensei

10th Anniversary Remembrance

Many students gathered to practice principles, watch videos, and remember the visits of a warm and wonderful man.

Masatake Sekiya Sensei
7th Dan ~ Student of O Sensei
October 8, 1916 – September 3, 1996

Sekiya Sensei was born in Ehime, Japan on October 8, 1916 to a family with a small farm. Before WWII he received a 2nd Dan in Judo. During the war he flew unarmed cargo planes all over Asia and after the war he worked for Northeast Airlines and Japan Airlines (where he founded the corporate Aikido club).

When he was 42 years old he was introduced to the founder of Aikido by the founder of the Macrobiotic movement, George Ohsawa (born Joichi Sakurazawa).

He became a direct student of O Sensei from 1959 until 1969, receiving his first five dans from him. One of the first branches of Aikikai Hombu was Sugino Sensei’s dojo in Kawasaki. Sugino was a 10th Dan in Katori Shinto Ryu and Sekiya Sensei studied this style. After O Sensei died Sekiya Sensei maintained his Aikido under Yamaguchi Sensei (BIOGRAPHY & DOJO) who also taught at the Meiji University Aikido club. Through this connection he met Noguchi Sensei and Inaba Sensei, who studied Kashima Shin Ryu under Kunii Sensei the headmaster of this system, and so studied this art as well. Impressed by Inaba Sensei’s understanding and skill, Sekiya Sensei studied under him at the Shiseikan Dojo at the Meiji Shrine until his death on September 3, 1996 of liver cancer.

During the last meeting between Inaba Sensei and Sekiya Sensei, within days of his death, Sekiya Sensei left his sick bed to make tea for Inaba Sensei who visited to request some discussion of the final death poems of Zen Masters. Inaba Sensei felt that Sekiya Sensei was in a unique position to share some significant insight.


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